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Welcome to the Flying D Franchise Futurity

Shipping will be Thurs. Jan 23 @ 3pm

The Hall

1401 Jake's Rd

Bowie, TX 76230

Make reservations at the LaQuinta Inn

2000 10th St. 

Bridgeport, TX 76426

(940) 683-2040

Mention group: Flying D

2-Queen or 1-King $89 a night

Hello Breeders!!

 I hope everybody’s doing well. The birds are doing great! A little update: We are going 200 miles on Saturday weather permitting!!

If you are coming to the race you can pay the night of shipping when you make your decision on how you want to enter your birds.

If you are not coming to the race you need to get your money sent for your Birds ASAP!! If your money is not here the night of shipping you will forfeit your birds. They will be sold and you will forfeit your franchise ownership: NO EXCEPTIONS!!



Example 1
If you have all 3 of your birds left one MUST be entered in the Main Race. Your 2nd bird has the option to be entered into the Main Race ($1000) or it can be entered into the Backup Bird Race ($300). If your 3rd bird is back it may be entered into the Backup Bird Race($300) ONLY!!!!

Example 2
If you only have 2 birds left one MUST go in the Main Race ($1000). Your 2nd bird has the option to be put in the Main Race ($1000) or it can go into the Backup Bird Race ($300)

Example 3
If you only have one bird left it MUST be entered into the Main Race ($1000) NO EXCEPTIONS

We are located 45 miles northwest of Fort Worth, Texas. We own and operate a successful bucking bull and race horse ranch. Pigeons have always been our passion though. Paul has been breeding and racing pigeons his entire life along side his father. After careful consideration and encouragement from some of my fellow pigeon fliers we’ve decided to start hosting a one loft race unlike any other in the United States. Dedicating 100% to this race, Paul is hoping you will give us the opportunity to handle your birds in the race that we believe will become one of the most popular races around. What will set the race apart from all the other races will be the unique design and structure of the race. Small number of birds for a large payout. This race is not going to be a "fly-by-night" event, Flying D is committed to the long haul.


Don’t be afraid of being outnumbered. Eagles fly alone. Pigeons flock together. 


Come fly with us at the        !