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Welcome our Vendors that will be onsite for Race weekend
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Race Schedule

Shipping January 26th @ 1 pm

Race Day: January 27th

(circumstances & weather permitting)

in honor of our late friend
Mr. Tom Hill

4 RACE SERIES FOR AVERAGE SPEED 125,150, 200 and 400  $100 per team- 100% payout
ALL birds on your team are eligible

Welcome to the Flying D Franchise Futurity


We are located 45 miles northwest of Fort Worth, Texas. We own and operate a successful bucking bull and race horse ranch. Pigeons have always been our passion though. Paul has been breeding and racing pigeons his entire life along side his father. After careful consideration and encouragement from some of my fellow pigeon fliers we’ve decided to start hosting a one loft race unlike any other in the United States. Dedicating 100% to this race, Paul is hoping you will give us the opportunity to handle your birds in the race that we believe will become one of the most popular races around. What will set the race apart from all the other races will be the unique design and structure of the race. Small number of birds for a large payout. This race is not going to be a "fly-by-night" event, Flying D is committed to the long haul.














Please secure your room by booking reservations 2 weeks before the race.

Rooms will only be guaranteed with a Reservation and Credit Card provided.

Make reservations at the LaQuinta Inn

2000 10th St. 

Bridgeport, TX 76426

(940) 683-2040

Don’t be afraid of being outnumbered. Eagles fly alone. Pigeons flock together. 

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